Rope Shackles are replacing metal shackles all over the boat.  

They don't corrode.  

They don't damage the boat or crew when flapping around on the end of sails.  

They articulate better.  

They are lighter. 


They are mainly used on jib sheets and asymmetric/code 0 sheets but can also be used for most applications.  


We offer a range of sizes from 3mm to 8mm all made from SK78 Dyneema.


Please contact us if you are not sure what size you need. For reference we use  3mm on dinghy sheets, 4mm on Dragon genoa sheets. 5mm will do for jib and asymmetric sheets on 30-40ft boats and we use 8mm on the jib sheets of a 20ton 48ft classic yacht.

Rope Shackle

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